Olympic adventure


Last weekend was very important for the short track speed skaters who will be competing in Sochi.  Just a few weeks before the Olympics, the Canadian team did a competition simulation in order to get back into a racing mode before their departure to Russia.  Since their last World Cup was back in November, it was important to recreate a competitive environment.  For Charles and Francois, the last month of training went extremely well and the brothers’ physical condition is excellent.

After quickly regaining confidence in a race context, Francois won the 1000m and after a minor contact with his older brother in the 1500m, he finished in fourth place in that distance.  Charles meanwhile, also had to race in the 500m in which he was brilliant.  Despite a cold, he also managed to do well by finishing first in the 1500m. The Hamelin are ready to jump into this great adventure and will be leaving in two days for a training camp in Hungary, their final stop before the Olympic Games.


Posted on January 23, 2014 and filed under News.