Q&A with Francois Hamelin

It is now Francois’ turn to answer your interesting questions.

  • Since you’ve already lived the Olympic experience, what is the best part of the Olympic village?

Being able to see the hockey stars! One of my most memorable memories is when I played a Ping-Pong match against Sydney Crosby in Vancouver.  But what is really impressive is the atmosphere in the village. To share a place with the elite of each winter sports is really magical and indescribable. It’s a totally unique feeling.

  • Beside speed skating, what do you like doing the most?

As my days are pretty busy, I try to enjoy every free moment that I have with my girlfriend and my family.  Otherwise, I recently started a hobby that is not really manly… I did the same thing as Alex Beaulieu Marchand (slope style skier) and started to knit.  I’m still learning but I already made two scarves and two hats!

  • What do you eat on a competition day?

I try to eat my meal two hours before stepping on the ice. It is usually a light but effective meal like a wrap or a chicken salad.  Then, during the competition, I eat an energy bar, dried fruits, fresh fruits and I drink an energy juice.

  • What is your source of motivation?

Training hard brings good results and good results lead me to want to give everything I have in practice.  I don’t know any speed skater who feels he’s at his maximum, we can always do better. After retirement, I guess we can analyse when was our best performances, but in the heat of the action, we’re convinced that we can give more every day.

  •  What is the most challenging period before Sochi and how many hours a day are dedicated to training?

We train an average of five to six hours per day. We’ve just completed the most demanding phase of our preparation.  So since the beginning of December we worked extremely hard.

  •  Do you have a ritual before going on the ice? A thought, a prayer, music?

I try to stay calm and focused. I’m a person who thinks a lot so I have to eliminate some thoughts before my races.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Very good question. Many things may change in the next five years, I’ll have to make important decisions. My brothers and I just started a clothing and accessory brand, Hamelin. We have big ambitions with this project, we want to try to support and promote amateur sport in the country. 

Posted on January 11, 2014 and filed under News.