Une visite à Tout le monde en parle

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Dimanche dernier, j’étais de passage sur le plateau de Tout le monde en parle, où j’ai fait un retour sur mes résultats des Championnats du Monde ! 

C’est vraiment un honneur pour moi d’avoir remporté le titre de champion du monde, tout comme l’une de mes idoles, Marc Gagnon, qui a accédé au même titre il y a déjà vingt ans.

J’en profite aussi pour remercier l’équipe de Tout le monde en parle, c’était un plaisir d’être des vôtres ! 

Pour voir l’entrevue : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlqIt71Bn8Y

- Charles

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Olympic record at the 1000m distance!

What a day! I established a new Olympic standard at the 1000m, bringing me directly to the finals on February 17th. The boys and I also qualified at the relay, which will take place on February 22nd.

Canadian Olympic Committee
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Good times in Hawaii!



Holidays are almost over… but not quite yet!

I just want to take a few minutes to let you know that Marianne and I are really enjoying Hawaii, its beaches and mountains, and the sun of course (how can we not?).
*Don’t worry, we hydrate and cream every day!*

I feel refilled with plenty of energy, ready to take our off-season by the horns, and get in shape for next one!

See you in Montréal,


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My first conference!

That's it, I did it !

Last week , I presented my first conference in front of the Estrie Figure Skating Club. 

I am relief that everything went well and that the crowd appreciated it! I loved my experience and I'm ready to go meet other groups to exchange with them about sports and my career!

Thank you for having me again and I hope you will all become your own .... ( you have to see my conference to know the end of my sentence!)

To be continued ...

See you


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The last World Cup starts tomorrow!

The last World Cup starts tomorrow, in Turkey!

We spent a lovely week in the small town of Erzurum, I think I ate too much baklavas. I hope it will not affect my performances this weekend. Ouf!

I will participate at the 1 500 m and 500 m.

I'm looking forward to share my results with you!



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A quick getaway before the World Cups!

The calm before the storm ...

Yep! I will be part of the Canadian team that will compete in the next World Cups. The 5th will take place in Dresden, Germany, February 6 to 8 and the 6th in Turkey!

Before I left, I went up north, in the Laurentians, for some fresh air with my fiancée!

I can not wait to tell you more about the results of my last World Cups of the season!

Take care, 

Publié le February 2, 2015 .

My 2015 Canadian Championships!

Hi !

I’m very proud of my performance at the 2015 Canadian Championships! It was a really fun competition, plus it was in Montreal - but it certainly wasn’t easy! It’s always a little tricky to go up against your training partners. You know their weaknesses, but they also know yours and that’s the biggest challenge with this competition.

My goal was to qualify for the next World Championships and I was hoping to finish among the top 3 Canadian skaters. I am happy to have reached my goals! I won three gold medals over the weekend, winning the 500m, 1000m and 1500m! I also finished 2nd in the 3000m. I took nothing for granted and I raced smart! Mission accomplished.

The younger team members are constantly pushing me to work harder. They race to win and they’re good! I am happy to have retained my Canadian champion title for the 9th year in a row. It’s motivating!

Next, I’ve got my sights set on the two upcoming World Cups, the first in Germany, the next in Turkey. Those will be the last stops before the World Championships, which will be held in Moscow from March 13th to 15th.

From here on in, it’s training time – physical and mental preparation and many hours on the ice!

Chat soon!


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Departure for the World Cup in China!


I  have to be ready, because tomorrow, December 6th, I leave for Shanghai, China.! For some, it will be their third World Cup of the season but it will be my first! I am very excited to take part in another international competition.

Because we’ve begun a new Olympic cycle, I decided to try a new discipline: long track. I went to Calgary because I wanted to try something new, something different to motivate me, and it worked! Since the summer, my training has gone very well and I feel ready to race. I’ve grown a lot, particularly from a personal standpoint and I have a new attitude about skating.

I want to enjoy every moment and. as much as possible, not let stress get in the way. I’ve also realized that with this mindset, the results are coming much more easily. I know that I still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn! Like any athlete who wants to improve their performances, there is always something to work on. Derrick constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone, and you know what? It's a good thing! I like to constantly push myself because this is how you learn to be proud of yourself and gain confidence. Now is the best time to try new techniques ... while there is still time before the 2018 Games.

As I followed closely the first two World Cups, I was really looking forward to putting my own skates on. The competitions in China will take place from December 12th to 14th. We are arriving almost a week in advance to acclimatize to the conditions, ice and jet lag. Even if skating around in circles is very familiar to us, anybody would get a bit of headache due to the thirteen hour time change!

I want to wish you Happy Holidays. See you soon !!


If you want to have more informations on the third World Cup : http://www.speedskating.ca/events/international-competitions

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Short Track Speed Skating World Cup - Montréal 2014

This weekend, Charles and I will be at the Maurice Richard Arena for the second World Cup of the season.

Charles had impressive performances in Salt Lake City last week. Second place at 1500 m, not bad! We also wish him the best of success in Montreal.

For this second World Cup, I rather take part as an ambassador. I will attend the competitions and I also look forward to meet all of you.

If you think it goes fast on TV,  you won't believe it live! It's awesome!

Good luck to the team! See you this weekend?


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