For almost 10 years, the Hamelin Brothers — Charles and François — have been the foundation of the Canadian National Team.

From an early age, short track was a shared passion in the Hamelin household and a way of bringing the brothers together to achieve their goals of representing Canada internationally and ultimately, on the podium at the Olympic Games.

Over the years, the brothers shared World Cup podiums and the challenges of being teammates and competitors all for the opportunity to hear the Canadian anthem fill the arena as a tribute to their success and to their Country.

In Vancouver 2010, with all of the drama and excitement that short track can offer, the dream of sharing an Olympic podium came down to one final night as the brothers anchored the talented Canadian relay team.

Getting to the top of the podium would require a secret strategy and the guts to pull it off perfectly.

With only a few laps remaining, the Canadians executed the now-famous “cobra” — a move so deft and daring that it surprised the Canadian fans and their competitors. In a blur, Canada was firmly in the lead and in control.

As they completed the final lap, the Pacific Coliseum crowd roared with approval not only for the win but for the way it was done.

Moments later, as Canada’s anthem filled the arena, the Hamelins took their place atop the podium alongside their teammates.

For the brothers, what was once a dream, was now their reality.

Up next? A Sochi 2014 repeat.

Good memories of Vancouver Olympics Games.