Another great day in Turin

Turin - The Hamelin brothers had another wonderful day today in Italy.  Everything went as expected, while the boys won each of their relay races, which gave them a ticket for the quarterfinals.  Charles repeated the accomplishment in the 1000m, by being the first skater crossing the finish line in all his races.

François is aware that the stakes are high but he keeps his composure and is pleased that the first relay races went well. "It was important not to make mistakes in the relay in order to reach the semifinals and to be in the top 8 because it is the maximum number of teams that will compete in Sochi." Charles is very happy that the prelims are now behind him. "The last two days were excessively long but everything went well for me because I won all my races (10). Although the ice is really soft and difficult to skate on, I am in control of the situation and I cannot wait for the finals to show the other skaters what I'm capable of!" On Saturday, the two brothers will attempt to reach the finals of the 1500m and Charles will also be competing in the 500m eight finals.

Posted on November 8, 2013 and filed under News.