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We want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by our Hamelin stand at the World Championships, a week ago in Montreal! It was a pleasure to see so many H in the stands, you all looked great. We have a lot of ideas and new stuff will come up soon. Stay tuned!

Charles & Frank

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Recovering from a fall


Nobody wants to fall in relay, especially not at the Olympics.  This quick moment will probably haunt me forever but I can’t erase what happened, I must simply learn to live with the situation. But for now, and for the next few weeks, I have other things to focus on because the World Championship is approaching.

With the support of my teammates, I managed to put aside this difficult event because despite everything, I still have work to do and I have to stay concentrated.  I already dread the end of the season because with a lighter schedule, I will certainly have time to think about the fall I did in Russia.  Ironically, I had never fallen in a relay before, never until Sochi.  The idea of reventing my teammates to win a medal is undoubtedly the toughest part.  However, I left Sochi realizing how blessed I am to be surrounded by a team as united, a team that stands strong together, regardless of the results.  We have worked extremely hard to be at the best of ourselves for the Olympics and nobody can take that away from us.

Please continue to encourage athletes that are working so hard to succeed in their sport. Good or bad results, your support always makes us happy.

Now, in about a week will be the short track World Championship in Montreal. This is a major event, so if you have the opportunity to go and watch the competition at Maurice Richard arena, you won’t be disappointed!

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Home at last

A week has passed since Charles and François came back from the Olympics and the brothers are both really happy to be home. After living a range of emotions in front of the whole nation, the Hamelin are glad to finally be back in Montreal.  A gold medal, a fall, and another fall... The team had the potential to collect 8 medals but short track speed skating can sometimes be so cruel and things don’t always turn out the way you expected. The total of medals isn’t obviously what they had in mind, but Charles and François ensure that this Olympic experience made them bigger and stronger.

The two brothers wanted to express their feelings after these games. Thus, the two following posts were written by them.



Competing at the Olympics is an extraordinary and unreal experience. You can come home filled with joy or with painful disappointment. But in my opinion, showing to the whole world that you have the will to win is a great achievement in itself. I started these games with the best victory in my career, I really wanted to show how our country can dominate and for that, I say mission accomplished.  The efforts made with my coaches and my teammates paid off and that moment will stay in my memory forever. The rest of the trip can be described with two words: bad luck.  In short track, anything can happen and the risks are always very high, but isn’t that what makes this sport so exciting? I had bad luck in the 1000m and 500m, but thanks to Marianne, François, my parents and the enormous support of my coaches, my teammates, the Canadian delegation and the whole country, my pain was reduced. So for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Olympic games are now behind us but the season is not over yet.  I’m really excited to race at the World Championships that will be held on March 14, 15 and 16 in Montreal.

Regarding the question you are all asking, will I hang up my skates or continue another four years? I haven’t decided yet, I need more time to think about it... But for now, one thing is for sure, I will give my 100% at the World Championships in two weeks, believe me!


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First gold medal for Charles


Charles could not have hoped for a better first day of competition at the Sochi Olympic Games. Race after race, he did everything just perfect and left no chance to his opponents.   Reaching the highest step of the podium in front of the Chinese Han Tianyu and Russian Victor Han, he won today his first gold medal of these Games. 

François has meanwhile finished second in the B final which placed him in ninth position. 


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The Hamelin, finally in Russia

Olympic village

Olympic village

Last weekend, the Hamelin brothers lived a moment they both dreamed about for a long time. After a stay in Budapest for a preparatory camp, Charles and François finally landed in Sochi for the Olympic adventure. The trip in Hungary was very beneficial for both brothers because it allowed them to acclimate and make adjustments before the Olympics.

After a quick jet lag adaptation, François said he was surprised to feel that good during his stay in Budapest. It usually takes him more time to adjust to foreign ices and he normally needs to do several technical adjustments to his blades. François states that the genius of François Drolet, the blade technician, allows him to fully concentrate on his performance. The young Hamelin is enthusiastic, confident and ready to be a part of the Olympic Games again.

Charles' drawing 

Charles' drawing 

Although he found the arena in Budapest excessively cold, Charles also had a good training camp and is very pleased with his physical condition. A few days before leaving for Russia, to help contain his excitement, Charles devoted himself to another passion of his, drawing.  His teammate Jennifer Cottin who left Montreal later than the rest of the team, even brought his equipment so he can continue to draw during the Olympics.  Filled with hope, Charles can’t wait to compete in the world's most prestigious sporting event and is eager to show the world what he is capable of.

Charles and François are ready to live moments that will undoubtedly be magnificent. Let’s wish them the best of luck! 

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Olympic adventure


Last weekend was very important for the short track speed skaters who will be competing in Sochi.  Just a few weeks before the Olympics, the Canadian team did a competition simulation in order to get back into a racing mode before their departure to Russia.  Since their last World Cup was back in November, it was important to recreate a competitive environment.  For Charles and Francois, the last month of training went extremely well and the brothers’ physical condition is excellent.

After quickly regaining confidence in a race context, Francois won the 1000m and after a minor contact with his older brother in the 1500m, he finished in fourth place in that distance.  Charles meanwhile, also had to race in the 500m in which he was brilliant.  Despite a cold, he also managed to do well by finishing first in the 1500m. The Hamelin are ready to jump into this great adventure and will be leaving in two days for a training camp in Hungary, their final stop before the Olympic Games.


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Q&A with Francois Hamelin

It is now Francois’ turn to answer your interesting questions.

  • Since you’ve already lived the Olympic experience, what is the best part of the Olympic village?

Being able to see the hockey stars! One of my most memorable memories is when I played a Ping-Pong match against Sydney Crosby in Vancouver.  But what is really impressive is the atmosphere in the village. To share a place with the elite of each winter sports is really magical and indescribable. It’s a totally unique feeling.

  • Beside speed skating, what do you like doing the most?

As my days are pretty busy, I try to enjoy every free moment that I have with my girlfriend and my family.  Otherwise, I recently started a hobby that is not really manly… I did the same thing as Alex Beaulieu Marchand (slope style skier) and started to knit.  I’m still learning but I already made two scarves and two hats!

  • What do you eat on a competition day?

I try to eat my meal two hours before stepping on the ice. It is usually a light but effective meal like a wrap or a chicken salad.  Then, during the competition, I eat an energy bar, dried fruits, fresh fruits and I drink an energy juice.

  • What is your source of motivation?

Training hard brings good results and good results lead me to want to give everything I have in practice.  I don’t know any speed skater who feels he’s at his maximum, we can always do better. After retirement, I guess we can analyse when was our best performances, but in the heat of the action, we’re convinced that we can give more every day.

  •  What is the most challenging period before Sochi and how many hours a day are dedicated to training?

We train an average of five to six hours per day. We’ve just completed the most demanding phase of our preparation.  So since the beginning of December we worked extremely hard.

  •  Do you have a ritual before going on the ice? A thought, a prayer, music?

I try to stay calm and focused. I’m a person who thinks a lot so I have to eliminate some thoughts before my races.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Very good question. Many things may change in the next five years, I’ll have to make important decisions. My brothers and I just started a clothing and accessory brand, Hamelin. We have big ambitions with this project, we want to try to support and promote amateur sport in the country. 

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Q&A with Charles Hamelin

Several fans had questions for Charles so we gathered some of them and here are his answers.

  • What pushed you to start short track speed skating? 

François was the first member of the family to start short track when he was 5. I watched what he was doing on the ice and I tried a few times when I had the occasion.  I fell in love with the sport and the year after, I joined the club.  Our little brother Mathieu also started at that time and my father became a volunteer. The whole family was involved; my mother was in charge of the lifts and was taking care of all the lunches for trainings and competitions.

  • If you didn’t choose speed skating, which sport would you do?

Before being a skater, I was a baseball player. I would therefore probably continued to practice this sport.

  • What do you eat on a competition day and what are your food guilty pleasures?

My alimentation stays the same during competition, I eat pretty much what I want as long as it’s healthy.  I often eat spaghetti with sauce that my mom made.  My guilty pleasure is undoubtedly chips, I just can’t resist! Salt and vinegar is my favorite flavor.

  • What do you find most difficult in the preparation before the games?

The hardest thing for me is not seeing my family as much as I would want to.  They understand my situation but I always feel bad when I can’t attend a dinner or a birthday party. I’ll do my best to catch up in the future.

  • What advice can you give to young speed skaters who dream of going to the Olympics?

Love your sport and have fun, believe in yourself and go as far as you can.  It’s not always easy, there’s a lot a disappointments, but when you give your 100% and stand up after hard moments, you have more chances to achieve your dreams.

  • Who was your idol when you were a kid?

Éric Bédard. He came to the club where I was skating a couple of times, to motivate us and give us advice. Later, Éric became my teammate and mentor, he taught me everything there is to know about World cups.

  • Do you listen to music in competition? If so what’s on your playlist?

I always listen to linking park before my races, it has always been my favorite band.  My playlist also contains Fall out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Panic at the Disco, System of a Down, and Justin Timberlake…

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A word for François


Today is a very special day for François, it's his birthday! Let’s wish him a great day and may the next few months be filled with joy and success.  And who knows, maybe he’ll come back from Russia with a very special object around his neck?

Visit his Facebook page here: François Hamelin  to wish him a happy birthday.

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